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Lyricwheel - The Conclusion!! :D

There were bumps along the way, I can’t deny it.
There were problems with Arthur and Zaphod who notoriously refused to cooperate, busying themselves with… other activities.
There were ups and downs and tears and sweat and frantic glancing at the calendar and last minute changes.
No matter those, for we have reached the conclusion. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, the complete lyricwheel! Feedback nicely, please, because like flowers need water, writers need alcohol feedback :D

Title: All That Mattered
Author: juicy_frood
Word Count: 888
Rating: PG-13. Maybe.
Song: My Boyfriend’s Back by The Angels
Requester: shadowrider
Summary: Ford gets protective of his monkey and Zaphod gets jealous.
Author's Notes: F/A and A/Z. I have no idea where I was going with this. Lie. I'm just not sure about how I got there. And don't ask me when it takes place, 'cause I have /no/ idea.

Title: Burning Out
Author: c4pyrogirl
Word Count: 576
Rating: R
Song: Aluminum by The Barenaked Ladies
Requester: tomiko_the_muse
Summary: Arthur and Zaphod are both somewhat burning out, Ford's threatens Zaphod and Trillian makes an appearance
Author's Notes: Mentions of sex. TWT and I guess this could be considered AU cause it's Movie!Zaphod and Movie!Arthur, though Ford is really Book/BBC!Ford, and Trillian is Trillian. ^^ Slight angst and FLUFF!

Title: Getting Used To You
Author: tomiko_the_muse
Word Count: 1,145 (thx, WordPerfect)
Rating: PG-13 for cursing and sex implications.
Song: Used To You by Ani diFranko
Requester: roadstergal
Summary: Arthur only said yes because he was bored, he wanted to forget, or maybe something he can't decide. It probably wasn't the best idea.
Author's Notes: I can only hope that you all won't kill me.

Title: Gymn-twanx
Author: roadstergal
Word Count: 1,297
Rating: PG
Song: Crooked Teeth by Death Cab for Cutie
Requester: c4pyrogirl
Author's Notes: Bookverse

Title: Improbable Love
Author: shadowrider
Word Count: 1,452
Rating: PG-13
Song: The Reason by Hoobastank
Requester: kirke_novak
Summary: Of all the improbabilities in the universe perhaps the oddest is love.
Author's Notes: This is in an AU timeline, somewhere after book one. I’m sorry if some of this is off a bit, a friend has my books and I usually read over them to get the tone right. But we have to make sacrifices when addicting others :]

Title: Seven Days
Author: kirke_novak
Word Count: 2,042 (ok, that was totally unintentional! :P)
Rating: PG-13
Song: One Week by The Barenaked Ladies
Requester: juicy_frood
Summary: Boys have a fight. Trillian doesn’t care.
Author's Notes: The song is insane, fast, funny, chaotic, sexy, makes no sense most of the time and I don’t understand half of the lyrics… a perfect Zaphod!song :D I hope I caught at least a part of that insanity in my fic. Was trying the best *crosses fingers* :D

Ah, I am so PROUD of you all, group hug!!!! *group hug* And now, let’s orgy! :D

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