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Lyricwheel announcement

So, apparently I’ve became a co-mod of zaphod_arthur and I’m expected to stir things up a bit. So… lyricwheel, anyone?

Here are the rules

Let’s begin with a statement, lyricfic is NOT a songfic, though both are based on a song. In songfic the characters hear or sing, or write a song, or a song is used in a background, to express something. In lyricfic the song creates the plot. You have, I’m sure, feelings when you hear a song, right? It makes you sad, giddy, hyper, happy etc. Try to pour those feelings into that fic. Secondary, the lyrics must be used in the narration or dialogues. Not all of them of course but at least some.

Now, a lyricwheel? We have participants A, B, C and D. A thinks that song 1 is just perfect to describe x/y relationship. B thinks that song 2 is amusing and itself would be a great base for a fic. C would like to see how would x and y act if they had to act upon song 3 and D is a bastard and thinks that someone out there just has to write a ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ fic. Because yes. You don’t write a fic with ‘your song’, someone does it for you!! :D

Songs chosen? Great. You send the lyrics of the song (possibly with a link to download) to Kirke at kirke_novak[lalala, can’t get me ‘bots!] I’ll give you, let’s say, 7 days to decide and choose the lyrics. Don’t tell the other what you’ve chosen, if you happen to choose the lyrics already taken, I’ll let you know.

After that I’ll draw lots and we’ll see who will write which lyricfic. After you write don’t post the fics but send them to me and on the last day of May, I’ll post them all.

In short:
Choosing lyrics – March 30th - April 6th
Announcing the ‘winners’ - April 7th
Writing - April 8th – May 31th
Reading - June 1st…

So, I’m on but it takes at least 4 more people. Don’t make me beg. I could and I will but please don’t make me. :/

Bribe for Guideslashers na Others– if you participate I promise to make and participate in A/F. I do. Cross my heart and call me Ginger.

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